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What is the best diet?

Not one diet is better than the other for all people, at any point in their life, under all circumstances.

The best nutrition program or diet is the one that works for YOU!

It’s sustainable and it makes you feel good, function well, and look good.

Don't do a low carb diet. Don't do a low fat diet. Don't do a low crap-food diet.

Keeping a temporary food journal is a great way to learn how your body functions with different nutrition plans.

However, if you have to track every calorie and macro, weigh and portion out every meal, and write everything you eat down every single day in order to stay on target, then you're not learning anything. You're not controlling your diet. It's controlling you. And it is most likely not sustainable.

Even competitive athletes and bodybuilders don’t track everything all the time. Their off-season diets look different than their competitive diets.

If you are ready to look good, feel good, and eat good, while still enjoying life and never having to go on another diet again, get in touch and let's discuss your nutritional needs.

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