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Heart-based exercises and short articles of inspiration to help you move through these challenging times with much less stress, more self-security, and clearer thinking, especially for hard-to-make choices.


Most of us are experiencing heightened reactions to stress triggers along with understandable anxiety from uncertainty. Feeling unable to control the circumstances happening around us has left many of us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted.


Genuinely practicing the exercises in this book makes it easier to reduce stress, anxiety and clouded thinking. The articles and exercises can be helpful in encouraging us to increase our care, kindness, compassion, and cooperation with each other.


Table of Contents:


Creating Hope for the Future


The Importance of the First Few Minutes of Your Day


Making Better Choices


Prep for Desirable Outcomes


Making Good Use Of "In-Between Time"


Spot Check


Worry and Negative Projections Impair Important Decision-Making


Getting Along With Each Other


Comments on Pursuing Our Purpose


Together, We Can Change the World


Additional Free Resources

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