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It is almost impossible to be unaware of trends in diets that come up as we are surrounded by social media, news and celebrities promoting new ideas and it leads to a lot of dietary confusion. 


This leads to people trying unrealistic methods and continuing to struggle with their bodies and relationship with food. Repeated unsustainable efforts create a lack of trust in peoples’ confidence with their bodies and we end up with so much information we just don’t know who to trust. 


The method of hand portioning combined with intuitive eating promotes flexible, sustainable nourishment that uses rational thought and instinct. 

It is not a method to just ‘eat whatever you want’ but to work with your brain and eat in a way that satisfies, nourishes and satiates. 


No matter how experienced a person is to refining nutrition for their goals, 

hand portions work, fact. 


The goal of your nutrition is to create a sustainable pattern of dietary behaviours that culminate in a manner of eating that aligns with your physical goals. 


The intention isn’t to force unpalatable foods down your neck to achieve a short-lived physiological outcome but to re-address your eating behaviours and habits, ending up with a perpetual way of eating that both achieves and maintains your results.

Hand Portion Guide

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