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Eat To Feel Good


Have you ever eaten something and then felt not-so-great afterwards?

Whether it was the piled-high plate of fries that left you feeling sluggish and bloated or the ice cream that just didn’t agree with your stomach…We’ve all been there.

Eating foods that make us FEEL good allows us to truly choose the best foods for our bodies.

And knowing those foods and the effects they have on us, such as how they make us feel and if they help move us closer to our health goals, builds body awareness.

Too often we get so caught up in the pursuit of something (like striving for a particular weight) that we have no idea of how it feels to live in the here-and-now.

Tracking how you feel after eating is a great way to improve body awareness.

Questions to consider after your meal

  • How do you feel physically?

  • How do you feel mentally?

  • Do you feel strong, happy, and energetic?

If something is healthy but doesn’t agree with your stomach, you don’t need to eat it. Find a healthy alternative.

Many times sugar and white flour make it hard for us to understand hunger cues and how our bodies are truly feeling. Have you ever considered cutting out sugar and white flour for one week. This is a great way to learn to eat foods that taste and make you feel good, while reducing unnecessary calories.

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