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Benefits of Fresh Air

Of all of the millions of ways to de-stress, increase your health, and increase your energy, we often overlook one of the best and FREE ways to do all of these things: FRESH AIR.

That’s right. Get outside and breathe it in.

We are spending a lot of time indoors at the minute especially due to lockdown and the cold weather.

But outdoor exercise and fresh air have incredibly beneficial impacts on your health! Whether it is a brisk walk, biking, or playing with your kids. Exercising outside provides a lot of benefits for your mind and body.

Additionally, simply breathing fresh air is beneficial to your health even if you are not exerting yourself with exercise. Wrap up and sit outside and read, speak on the phone or even write in a journal, or better still just sit and BREATHE.

Here are ten health benefits of fresh air:

🌞Increases energy

🌞Sharpens your mind

🌞Boosts your immune system

🌞Decreases stress levels

🌞Increases happiness and endorphins

🌞Balances blood pressure

🌞Improves heart rate

🌞Flushes and cleans respiratory system

🌞Boosts digestion

🌞Fight depression and sadness

As a bonus, time spent outside breathing in the fresh air often also means that you are catching some rays. Sunlight is an important source of Vitamin D! Vitamin D is beneficial in fighting cancer, osteoporosis, and depression. Even just a few moments in the winter sun can increase our Vitamin D levels. So get outside! :)

What are some ways that you can incorporate fresh air into your daily routine?

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