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4 Simple Ways to Create a Relaxing Home Environment.

We are all spending a lot more time at home and it can be HARD.

I have felt so many different emotions over the past few days/weeks/months.. stress, anxious, grateful, stir-crazy, reflective, overwhelmed…

As humans, we are social creatures and we crave stimulation. Not being able to access both of those things in the way that we are used to can act as a serious stressor.

And being in the same environment every day can add to that.

But we also have some control over our environment! And we can use that control to create a relaxing environment at home and reduce some of that stress.

😊 Declutter and clean your living space.

Research has revealed that physical clutter and disorganized physical spaces create confusion in our brains - increasing stress and decreasing our ability to focus. - Tidy house, tidy mind.

😊 Move around your house throughout the day. Spend time in different rooms.

Just as clutter can affect our moods, so can stagnant surroundings. Spending all day in one room can increase depression and feelings of isolation. Do different tasks in different rooms. Eat your meals at the table. Get up and move around every hour or two.

😊 Go outside.

Going outside is an easy way to boost your mental health. Whether it’s a walk around the block or sitting in your yard or garden. Time outside will also break up the monotony of being at home all day - schedule outdoor breaks.

😊 Light an essential oil candle.

Aromatherapy can lower the release of our body’s stress hormone, cortisol. Taking pleasure in a scent that you enjoy can also increase your level of contentment. Lavender, chamomile, bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, and citrus scents are a few of my favorites.

Have a great day!

Karen xx

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Regina Tikhonova
Regina Tikhonova

Great thanks! But it seems like you never mentioned anything about reducing noises. Probably, this is just my sore subject, since I live next to the railway. So if it is your sore subject too, I would advise putting more indoor plants in your house, as they absorb noise very well. They really works wonders and literally spared my nerves. If you still don't believe it, read it yourself:

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